Learning Accounting

Accounting learning with Simuland can be tailored to student levels. For students discovering business management, the basic accounting page should be sufficient, for students with a confirmed level the accounting option "expert" is available.

Accounting page

An "Accounting" page is available at each turn for companies. It lists all the revenue and expenses of the company.
This allows students to see the financial health of their business and point the finger at what is going well or not.

Option "expert" accounting

For a more advanced approach to accounting, we propose an option called "expert" accounting. This is 3 additional pages added to the pages visible to each student, and updated with the updated data for each round. Below is their content:

  • A page containing the Results Account
    Here is an example :
  • A page containing the Accounting Balance
    Here is an example :
  • A page of financial indicators, such as: operating margin, calculation of equity, WCR, among others.
    Here is an example :

This choice of whether or not to use the "expert" accounting option is done by the teacher during each game creation.