An environment conducive to reflection

The Simuland business management simulation was conceived as a serious game. Game: for the playful and Serious side: for the serious and realistic notions of business management addressed by this simulation.

Everything is done to put the students in charge of a realistic company and let them make the decisions that seem to them the most just to make their company thrive in front of the companies of their comrades.

Structure of pages available to students

The simulator gives students a multitude of information which is grouped by theme: human resources, production, machinery, accounting ... Each of these themes corresponds to a page of the simulation game.

On Simuland, each page is organized on the same principle:

  • A results section presenting the company's figures for the current tour
  • Graphs showing how the company's results have changed over the course of the turns
  • Advice on decisions to be taken, to help the student make good decisions or to draw attention to a particular point
  • An entry form allowing students to record their decisions for the next round
  • A help page showing the concepts displayed and the decisions to be made.

Page type du simulateur
- Example of results -

Page type du simulateur
- Example of decisions making -

Exemple de page de graphique
- Example of graph -

Exemple de page d'aide du jeu sérieux
- Example of a help page -

Export of data

The simulation data are available for download for students in Excel format. They have access to all company data since the start of the simulation.

They can, if they wish, use this data to implement a strategy, make formulas in Excel or make custom graphics.

The file is available at every turn.

End of game report

At the end of the simulation, you have from your interface of supervision the balance sheets of game that you can distribute to the students.

In addition to the ranking of each company, the personalized report allows to give a few tracks to the students to progress.