Installation and Use

Simuland does not require any installation!

The simulator is available via the internet and is presented in the form of two websites:

  • A supervisory interface for teachers to create and monitor the progress of the games; To manage student accounts.
  • An student interface enabling them to join the games created by the teachers, to consult the results of the companies and to record the orders for the following rounds.

Due to its Internet access, the simulator is available at any time from the moment you have access to a computer connected to the internet.

This technical solution has several advantages:

  • You do not have to worry about installing any software on your workstation. (See the following section minimum requirements)
  • You can prepare your sessions in advance from your home
  • Students can access the simulator outside of your classroom hours and register their orders from a computer or a smartphone connected to the internet

Minimum System Requirements

To run Simuland, one computer per student or group of students with an Internet connection and an Internet browser is sufficient.

Both the Student Portal and the Supervisory Interface are compatible with the main Internet browsers:

Navigator Operating system
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 7, 8, et 9
on Windows XP, Vista, et Seven Compatible
on Windows XP, Vista, Seven,
Linux et Mac OS X
Google Chrome
on Windows XP, Vista, et Seven,
Linux et Mac OS X
on Windows XP, Vista, et Seven
et Mac OS X

Want to try the simulator? Do not hesitate to ask us for a demo account.