Fully configurable simulation

Choice of products sold, choice of market growth, choice of the characteristics of the company... You have all the keys to make simulations conform to your needs.

We provide you with a dedicated website to supervise your games.

Creation of games: turn evolution choice

First, when creating your games, you can set the start time of the simulation as well as the duration of the rounds

The choice of the round evolution is very important: you can either change the simulation yourself manually from the supervision interface, or you can let the simulator evolve automatically at regular intervals.

The manual mode allows you to manage your course as you wish: to take a break in the simulation to deepen a concept, want to make the simulation last several courses, etc ...

The automatic mode allows to modify the simulation without your intervention. This way you can get around without having to take control of the simulation regularly, you can also set schedules outside of your class time.

Creation of games: difficulty choice