Simuland : A mature simulation in constant evolution

Established in 2006, the Simuland business simulation game is mature. The heart of the simulator is stable and the simulation is realistic.
Yet it is always evolving!

Why ? To propose even better and better to your needs!

From year to year, the simulator is improved again and again according to the returns of the users. We make it a point of honor to satisfy you and to take into account your remarks and criticisms. Something is not right for you? Ask and we will study together how to find the best solutions to your request.

A version available in free access

Simuland has been available for free on the Internet since 2006. At the same time, we have been working with teachers since the start of the simulator.

The analysis of the many games played since the creation of the software allowed to validate the realistic behavior of the simulator against players ready to do anything to win. The feedback of the users has been taken into account in order to improve also the ergonomics of the player interface.

The exchanges and the returns of the teachers allowed us to make a simulation exploitable in school. The playful side of the game does not detract from the concrete concepts of business management that are taught.

A specific version for teachers

In order to perform classroom sessions in the best conditions, you must be able to configure the simulator to meet your needs and to define precisely who is participating in your simulation, how difficult it is, especially when it starts and when the simulation is evolving.

All this is possible via the supervision interface available to you. You monitor your simulation and its progress.

Students connect to a specific site, totally separated of the public website.

  • An adaptable level of difficulty

    Beginners, experienced, experts? Whatever the level of your students with regard to business management, the 3 levels of difficulty of the simulator allow you to make sessions tailored to your needs.
    Each level of difficulty adds additional details to the simulation and forces students to think more about the decisions to be made at each turn.

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  • Learning Accounting

    Want to learn more about accounting with your students?
    Activate the "expert" accounting option to allow students to access additional pages during the simulation: income statement, realistic balance sheet...
    Do not need so many details? The simulator displays simplified accounting so that students can familiarize themselves with accounting without complex notions.

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  • Educational Resources

    Simuland simulation is an adaptable and usable tool in the classroom with students from high school to the higher education.