A business management simulator

We put at your disposal a virtual world in which companies, equally virtual, compete to gain market share against competing companies.

Each student or group of students is at the head of a company and must make the necessary decisions to prosper and gain market share against the other companies present in the party.

In this very competitive market, all the companies of a game sell the same products to the same customers! They will have to understand how a business works to succeed in making it thrive.

Each simulation is independent of others which allows students to learn from their mistakes and / or to test other strategies.

A turn-based simulation

The main aim of this "serious game" is to make students think on the functioning of a company, Simuland is a "turn-based" simulation: the simulation evolves at a fixed time (unlike a simulation in real time that evolves continuously).

All students have the same time to make their decisions and validate them on the simulator. When the simulation turn changes, there is no difference between the company that registered these orders first or last.

Students can then take as much time as they can to make calculations and set up their strategy for a complete turn in anticipation of the next turn.

The duration and frequency of the turns is fixed by the teacher before the start of the game.

Configurable turn duration

Want to play in a class for a few hours? Want to do a game on several days with few turn per day? Or to make a game evolving manually when you want?

When creating the game from your manager interface, you can choose how your simulation will evolve:

  • Either manually following an action of your party
  • Either automatically at a frequency that can range from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

Fully configurable simulation

The lap time is only one of many parameters that you can configure in the simulator. The level of difficulty can be adjusted to fit with the level of your students.